Although I have pretty short hair I love my Stylesavers because of the comfort layer between motorcycle helmet and hair especially on those long rides on hot days. Also, I use some “product” on my hair and the Stylesavers keep that out of the helmet liner. I wash them by hand and they come out great!The best thing about Stylesavers are the way they have made my friends with cancer feel. When a woman loses her hair she feels like she’s lost part of her personality. The Stylesavers in their wide array of colors and patterns give them back their sense of style and flair. One friend even commented that she loves them so much, “Who needs hair!” Biker chicks and fashion divas alike should have one for every occasion! Thanks Cindi for such a wonderful creation!
-C., Plymouth, MI

I just completed my first trip while using my new style saver scarf and all I can say is OMG!! I have rode for 25 years and this is the first time that I did not fight with my helmet and try to scratch my head the whole way. I had got to the place where I didn’t even wear a helmet because after about the first 50 miles, I concentrated more on keeping my helmet straight because I was fighting with my hair. With my new scarf I did not have any stray hairs flying in my face or trying to “fix” my hair the whole trip. I am processing another order for an “extra”.

Thank you soooo much!!

-Amber, TX

Hi Cindi,
I really love my scarf. It is crafted well, nice detail, and comfy. I love the fabric and your design. I will definitely be ordering more…and yes, I part my hair to the side, make a loose braid, slip on my style saver and flip and toss when I take off my helmet. It really makes easing my helmet on soooo simple.
Nice work,

-Jeanine, MSW

I now have short hair (I thought it would be better for riding, less time) — not always so. I get worse helmet hair now, so I always have a ball cap in my saddle bag. I want to try one of these new scarves.

-Louise, NV

I can’t wait to get one and try it. I have shoulder length hair that tends to look like someone plastered it to my head and sprayed it to stay that way. Sometimes I ride my bike to meetings and it’s very embarrassing when no matter what I do after I get there it just won’t poof for lack of a better word. Finally, someone who cares about helmet hair. Thank you, thank you.

Stockton, CA

I have one of these scarves, and I love it. I’ve found that my hair looks better when I use it, and I also feel like it keeps my helmet cleaner. Cotton bandanas just don’t feel comfortable to me. I like the way my helmet slides on with this scarf. Now I want more colors, so I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same thing every weekend when I ride.

Los Gatos, CA

My Style Saver Scarf story:

I will never—ever—ride without my Style Saver Scarf again. While I haven’t got much of a style to my hair, and in fact, quite enjoy the “helmet hair” look on my wavy, sometimes frizzy locks, this summer’s epic road trip made me a firm fan of the simple scarf modeled on the satin pillowcases of the 1950s.

I have owned a scarf for several months, as well as helping sew them for my friend and fellow rider, business owner Cindi Servante. I had been reluctant to actually try the scarf out, as I have attempted wearing other types of scarves under my helmet in the past (notably, a good old cotton bandana on the previous summer’s vacation). My assumption was that the scarf would be uncomfortable as an extra layer between my head and helmet; sometimes even my ponytail holder drives me crazy. When I ride, I want complete comfort; otherwise, I find myself constantly fiddling with whatever is bothering me, rather than paying full attention to the bike and the road.

The scarf ended up being a dream come true on each day of my 2,700-mile ride! Not only did it help ease my helmet on and off my sometimes sweaty head, it decimated my biggest distraction when riding—the tiny little loose hairs that oftten fly into my eyes, across my nose, or tickle my cheek, causing me immeasurable discomfort inside my helmet.

I am so grateful for the revelation that caused Cindi to design this scarf. Maybe someday I will have stylish hair, and the scarf will help my hair look more attractive at the end of a long day on the bike, but in the meantime, I will not be without my scarf, as it allows me to enjoy both my daily rides and my epic journeys with comfort, ease and without distraction. Thank you, Cindi!
Fort Bragg, CA

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