How to use a Style Saver Scarf:

A must styling secret for us “motorcycle chicks.” If you are like me, committed to being a safe rider by wearing a properly fitted regulation helmet, but dread what your hair is going to look like after a long ride…eeek! Well, I have created a great solution to this problem, which has really helped my hair to stay looking great after styling it! It’s called a Style Saver Scarf.

Pre- Style Saver Scarf After you have styled your hair how you like it. I recommend teasing it a little (not like a country western singer) but mainly at the back crown. This ensures not to get the dreaded “flat head” Lightly use a medium to strong hold hair spray to set the style.

Re parting hair before placing the Style Savers Scarf on your head, you need to flip your part to the opposite side. Where ever your hair is naturally falling before putting on your scarf, take your fingers and flip your hair over to the other side then place the scarf on. This keeps the top of your head from becoming flat, from the weight of the helmet . Take the triangle shaped Style Savers Scarf and place the wide portion of the scarf at the front of your forehead, hold with fingers and proceed to the back of the head. This keeps from “squashing” the hair in the scarf. Then tie the two ends at the back of your head in a knot. Proceed with your helmet. You are in essence, fooling your part while you are wearing your helmet.

Toss hair immediately after taking your helmet off; toss hair with your fingers to get it back to its original style, pre-helmet. The hair can be manipulated while the hair is still warm from being in the helmet.

Whoa-la, you look just as great as you did before the ride. Thanks to Style Saver Scarves!

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