Style Savers


Got Helmet Hair?

Style Savers is a unique and innovative way to protect your hairstyle from becoming the dreaded “helmet hair” while wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

The satin fabric idea was taken from the old days when our mom’s and our mom’s mom used a satin pillow case to keep their once a week do’s looking big and beautiful! It really worked and Style Savers Scarves are here to prove it once again.

Make sure to check out our other pages for more info and to pick out the colour and pattern that best suits you and your motorcycle!

-Great Gift Idea!

-helps keep helmet liner clean longer.

-Keeps helmet from slipping.

-Form fitting helmets slide right on.

-Keeps hair out of the way, while riding.

-Aids in reducing friction, which can lead to hair loss.

-Machine washable

-A customized, handmade very chic bandana style scarf.

-Made with soft comfortable fabrics that you can wear all day.