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The traditional wedding had a lot of specific practices that are still held sacred today; the father-daughter

dance, the retrieval of the garter, and the throwing of the flowers. Of course, smaller details have also held up

in importance, which brides-to-be will always cherish; specifically, the wedding heels.

For brides, it’s a fun activity being able to choose the shoes that they will be wearing for almost the entirety

of their special day. After choosing the perfect dress, the wedding heels will tie the entire outfit together;

however it may be hard to decide on a pair with so many options out there.

What is nice about tradition is that it doesn’t always have to stick. The white heel has now become the blue

heels, the cowboy boots or the beachy flip flops. No longer are brides expected to be completely uniform in

the outfit; the shoes can reflect the woman. Need some help? Here are some quick tips for some modern day

wedding kicks.

Silver Wedding Shoes

Silver wedding shoes are a great option for brides who want to add more color, but still look classic. Metallic

colors like silver are perfect for tying in jewelry, and adding a little extra flash as a bride twirls around in her

fairytale attire.


Who said the bride couldn’t walk down the aisle comfortably? Wedges are the perfect solution for brides

who want that taller, more sleek look, but aren’t generally able to teeter-totter in stilettos. This style of shoe

can be found in various materials and colors, and brides are sure to find a style that compliments their dress;

but it’s the supporting wedge that will ensure them a confident walk towards the alter.

Nighttime Substitution

After a long day of photos, walking and looking fabulous all at the same time, brides may be wishing they

could kick off those stilettos and throw on some slippers. Of course, they still have to rock a dance floor all

night, so it’s a great idea to dress up some silver flip flops or cute flats. Go to the local craft store and jazz

up some more comfortable shoes with glitter and gems; whatever suits your fancy. Trust us, your jazzed

flats will get just as many compliments as your heels did, and you will bejust as happy to show them off.