Style Savers was conceived from an idea I had based on my back ground as a hair stylist and motorcycle rider. In search for a solution to “helmet hair” I conceived my concept on the satin pillow case idea, that many women have used over the years to preserve their hair while sleeping. In doing so, to my great delight, the Style Saver Scarf has blossomed into a multifaceted concept.

Style Savers is a simplistic bandana style design that amazingly not only helps women motorcyclist, but also with women dealing with temporary and permanent hair loss. Also, for women who want to preserve their hair at bedtime, or any time. Equestrian women, who prefer to wear a riding helmet, or even women who wear mandatory hard hats on the job.
Just about any time or anywhere there is a need to preserve your hair or your grace with fashionable style, is where you can use a Style Saver Scarf.

Please read on for more information on the many different ways to enjoy the benefits of a Style Saver Scarf. And you too, can be free of helmet hair or maybe to instill an added feeling of confidence to your ever-evolving essence as a woman of great possibilities.

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