10 Great Wedding Beach Shoes

When we think of wedding heels, the picture that comes in mind is of a sparkling pair of silver heels, Shoes that will boost your confidence as you walk sown the isle. In the picture, you dazzle your sparkling heels garnished with diamonds and other accessories. Today, wedding heels are of many kinds, people have become creative and everyone now has her taste, people search through global markets to get the best heel for her big day.


Most definitely, your special day needs a special pair of heels. They could be open heels or closed. The open give you the advantage of showing off your manicured note nails while the closed just stand out on their own. However, people have become creative by designing the peep toe. Yes your toes just peep, the heel is entirely closed except for your toes, they are comfortable and if you are a lover of closed heels, then this could also be an option.

Silver wedding Shoes

I am in love with the silver wedding shoes. They sparkle; some call them the sparkling heels. In your pictures they will stand out, they are also noticeable. In addition, silver is the go girl’ color. It gives instant glamour and allure. Spice the look with a pair of silver studded pumps and a matching metallic clutch. During your dinner, you need to be comfortable as you will dance your big night away therefore choose a cute and comfy pair of jeweled silver flip flops. For your reception, pick charming silver thong sandals. For your vows, a pair of sleek sequined stilettos will do. To complete your dazzling look, add up some shimmering silver jewelry. These arejust some ideas, silver wedding shoes are of numerous designed you cannot run out of choice.

Some of the designs include:


Strappy sandals



Betsey Johnson


Bagley http://www.target.com/c/sandals-women-s-shoes/flip-flop-sandals/-/N-5xtcsZ55zom Mischka

Nine Vest

The wisdom and skill of tailoring wedding heels has evolved over the years not leaving out the quality ofmaterials used. There are http://www.flipflopshops.com/ wedding heels that are closed and modern, some are laced, some are leather wedding heels,and the list is endless. For those who are in love with the ancient with the traditional fashion, you are also covered. These heels give a classicand romantic aura for your big day.

Most people assume that Wedding Shoes’ are only suitable for brides and brides maids. Well, you are http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AFlip-flops wrong to think that. You can treat yourself with a pair, putting your best feet forward in dinners, parties and casual outdoor celebrations.

So where do you get them? I give thanks every day for Google. Shopping for wedding heels has also become easy; you do not have to make a trip to Canada to purchase the sparkling heels of your choice.Simply go online and you will have more choices that you anticipated. There are numerous stores online and what’s more, they offer free shipping. You only have to identify the shoe that fascinates you; moreover, sellers indicate http://www.crystal-flip-flops.com prices of very shoe.