Technavio Announces Top Four Trends for the Online Fashion Retail Market in the US Through 2020


manner house Asos continues in order to be operating with US-based technology company

Olapic to end up being able to collect user-generated photographs and also videos from your web in order to

raise the shopping online experience. Chanel

launched its beauty item e-shop as well as Fendi launched an e-commerce

platform, both in 2015.

others like Asos, Burberry are usually following the same trend.

customers could furthermore share their particular designs online.

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Generally there is really a rising trend regarding innovative visualization strategies along with

personalized looks within the fashion e-commerce segment. Subscribing to be able to Technavio’s reports permits one to

download any kind of three reviews per month for that price of one. Footwear brand names like Converse, Joker’s Closet, Adidas, Ferragamo,

Vans, Nike, Shoes associated with Prey, along with Manolo Blahnik have got incorporated mass

item customization into their online business models, giving

consumers the actual freedom in order to personalize the shoes they buy. Get Within Touch With

with your needs and a hyperlink to our subscription platform.

Omni-channel retailing will be fast turning out in order to be the particular norm for many retailers in

the particular US. Brand Names including Chanel

along with LVMH’s Fendi have become experimenting with on-line sales. Just About All the actual shops regarding this shop get iPads that

display the company website to allow cross-selling of items off their

stores. This specific will even

play an important role within the growth of the market.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Technavio’s most recent on-line

manner retail store market within the US report highlights 4 important

emerging trends predicted for you to impact marketplace growth via 2020. Clozette, the fashion social network, will be curating

Instagram photos of trend bloggers as well as purchasers and posting them in its

platform pertaining to inspiration. When an item will not fit, Black Lapel will alter it or even

even remake it from simply no additional cost.

Buy any kind of three reviews for your cost of 1 by simply becoming a

Technavio subscriber. Technavio has with regards to 300

analysts globally whom specialize within customized consulting and company

study assignments over the newest leading edge technologies.

in exactly the actual same year, Net-a-Porter, owned by Richemont, and also Yoox, listed on

the actual Milan stock exchange, announced the merger that will result in an

entity together with mixed revenue involving around USD 1.5 billion.


can end up being a leading global technology research and advisory company. If a client wants any particular design or colour that is not necessarily

offered by their particular shop location, they are in a position to location an investment in the

store’s iPad along with obtain the item delivered via yet another store. the

company develops over 2000 pieces of research each and every year, covering a lot more

as compared to 500 technologies across 80 countries. in 2015, your

estimated typical online shopping revenue within the US ended up being about USD 1800,

developing at about 19.50%. Asos uses the program to assist

organize images it collects as a component of its #AsSeenOnMe campaign,

encouraging customers to share pictures associated with on their own own wearing the actual

retailer’s style ranges by approach of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. These People corroborate this information with most the data

obtained from various industry participants and also stakeholders throughout the

value chain, such as vendors, services providers, distributors,

re-sellers, and also end-users.

Regarding Technavio

. Amazon invested throughout Whom Just what Wear, a well known

fashion web site that could help customers to look pertaining to celebrity-inspired looks.

Indochino, situated in Boston, Massachusetts, US, can become a popular on the actual internet

seller associated with made-to-order menswear. Yet Another

style retailer, Gap, is actually developing its omni-channel strategy by simply

integrating its store as well as digital buying channels. Inside 2015, Amazon

opened a new 46,000-square-foot photography studio using 22 photography bays

which will make it produce along with add a lot a lot more than 500,000 images involving clothes for you to

its sites each year, with just about all the ambition regarding becoming your very best place to

buy fashion online. Black Lapel is another web site exactly where

buyers can supply their particular measurements and obtain customized style,

fabric, and also fit. The Actual NikeiD

web site permits consumers for you to pick your colour and pattern in the shoes and

shoe laces, and also have a message sewn in to the tongue with the shoes. Hefty reductions along with end-of-season revenue

contribute mainly for the on the internet trend list market,” stated Brijesh

Kumar Choubey, certainly one of Technavio’s lead industry analysts regarding list

items and also services.

Omni-channel retailing

Technavio analysts employ main too as secondary analysis

strategies to ascertain the scale along with vendor landscape in the selection of

markets. Several current

omni-channel initiatives include ship-from-store, reserve-in-store, as well as

order-in-store programs.

Technavio’s marketplace study study identifies the next 4 emerging

developments expected to become able to propel the development of the on-line fashion list industry

inside the US:

Visual commerce trend

Although late entrants for the online retailing model, luxury manufacturers are generally

now increasingly building their own online presence. The idea offers customers the actual choice to look online and pick up the actual

merchandise from your retailer nearest with their spot around the same day.

“The on your internet fashion store industry in the US for apparel, footwear, and

accessories had been valued at close to USD 92.02 billion throughout 2015. Analysts obtain info utilizing a mix of bottom-up

along with top-down approaches, besides making use of in-house industry modelling tools

as well as proprietary databases. Technavio

defines an emerging trend as something which provides possible with regard to

significant impact around the marketplace as well as contributes to its growth as well as


Lyn Evans, a premier manner designer, leverages your omni-channel client

engagement strategy. buyers can easily crop your image to

emphasis about the item they want to see what comparable ones Clozette features for you to

provide throughout its shop.

Emergence associated with luxury trend within on your internet fashion

Omni-channel retailing

Customization regarding products

Emergence associated with luxury fashion throughout online fashion

Visual commerce trend

Customization regarding products

Browse related reports:

with personalization appearing to be an integral concept throughout manner retail, major

trend players are generally permitting purchasers to be able to customize items to suit their

needs. Together With

e-retailers providing much more safety measures regarding on-line payments, free involving charge

delivery, improved on your internet consumer service, and customer-friendly,

easy-to-navigate shopping websites, the expanding number of customers are generally

prone to start making use of these portals within the subsequent five years. Clozette

has had advantage of its curated Instagram OOTD pictures simply by placing

buy Comparable button on each image

How to buy the best running shoes

After you stare at a wall of running shoes for awhile, they all start blending together: the garish colors, the suspicious layers of gel, the absurd and vaguely mythic names. But at this time of year, we’re all dying to get outside and stretch our legs with the first runs of spring. So we called up a gang of runners–from Olympians to coaches to a famed podiatrist (because in 2015, even podiatrists can be famous)–and asked them all for advice on picking out new shoes.

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Molly Huddle, Olympian and winner of the 2015 New York City Half Marathon (Providence, Rhode Island)

“Over the years I’ve realized you want a little extra room in your shoe, both width- and length-wise–I haven’t had my usual battles with plantar fasciitis since trying a wider shoe size and going up half a size. It’s also important that the shoe cradles your mid-foot comfortably. Be careful testing out any extreme model of shoe: If it is much more minimal and lighter (or more built up and heavy) than what you are used to, don’t dive into a long run with it right out of the box.”

Favorite Shoe: “My constant favorite is the Saucony Kinvara. It’s cushioned, but with a lower heel-toe offset and arch lock so you can do anything from a speed workout to a long run in them. And I travel with them so I can pack lighter.”

Robert Tierney, rheumatologist at Park Nicollet Health Services and runner of 89 marathons (Twin Cities)

“Don’t go looking for a shoe on a weekend in a crowded running store. Go during off hours, when you can find someone who can really help you. Make sure they have a good return policy, and wear them at home for a while. You want a cushioned shoe that’s lightweight, stable, a great fit, good colors, and is inexpensive. [Laughs.] Good luck!”

Favorite Shoe: “I’m currently stuck on the Asics Gel Kayano. They’re well cushioned for an older and ‘heavier’ runner, and seem to have a long-lasting cushioning midsole that I can run long distances in while avoiding injuries. Once you know the shoe you want, you may be able to find them online at a cheaper price, although I once got two left feet in the box.”

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Matt Taylor, Co-founder and CEO of Tracksmith (Boston)

“I start the process with style. There are so many ugly running shoes on the market, it narrows down to the least offensive choices.”

Favorite Shoe: “Honestly, I’m still searching. I’ve gone through phases, though. The original Adidas Oswego and original Nike Hurache were incredible. I ran in the Saucony Jazz–yes, the Saucony Jazz–and Asics Cumulus for a few years. And the first iteration of the PUMA Faas 500 was a great shoe. I still have a few pairs in my closet. There’s one shoe I’m dying to try, but can’t track it down–it’s a shoe made by master craftsman Hitoshi Mimura.”

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Dathan Ritzenhein, three-time Olympian (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

“I believe it’s a good idea to buy multiple types of shoes to rotate. The expense is bigger up front, but you still end up with the same amount of mileage in each shoe. Some days, particularly after a hard workout, I need something with extra support.”

Favorite Shoe: “I love the Nike Zoom Pegasus. It has been around forever and is a great standard and neutral shoe, with a soft ride and great transition.”

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Dennis Barker, Team USA Minnesota coach (Twin Cities)

“The first thing I want to feel when I put on a shoe is whether the arch fits naturally and comfortably into my arch. If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance it could cause problems–such as blisters–down the road. Or it might be the wrong size. (It seems that sizing can vary even within a single brand.) Next, I want to feel that my toes have a comfortable amount of room, with enough additional room in front to expand when I’m up on my toes at the end of each stride. But I also want the shoe to feel snug around the mid-section.

Now comes the test drive.With the shoes on, I’ll walk slowly, deliberately putting each foot through the same motion as when I’m running: planting the heel and rolling forward to the toe. I want make sure that the shoe will roll the way my foot wants it to for both support and comfort. If it does, it’s a sale.”

Favorite Shoe: “I don’t have any loyalty to a particular brand. My loyalty is to my own feet and legs.”

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Amol Saxena, renowned sports podiatrist and surgeon (Palo Alto, California)

“Comfort is the No. 1 factor; not too tight and not too loose. The heel should be snug and the insole outline should match your foot. You can hold it up to the mirror with your foot superimposed–if you see your foot extending beyond the insole, the shoe will be too narrow.”

Favorite Shoe: “I like the Nike Pegasus because it is a neutral cushioned shoe. I have knee arthritis. Many people erroneously recommend motion control shoes for knee pain, but more shock absorption is needed. That is why I often recommend Hoka Shoes. They are great for most types of knee pain, big toe joint, and mid-foot arthritis.” 

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Jordan Metzl, sports doctor, Ironman, and author of the forthcoming book Running Strong: The Sports Doctor’s Complete Guide to Staying Healthy and Injury-Free for Life. (New York City)

“Here are the top three fit factors: (a) snug around the heel, (b) a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the top of the shoe, and (c) snug but not tight in the toe box, so you have a little wiggle room. And if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Many people spend their lives looking for the right shoe–once you have found her, never let her go.”

Favorite Shoe: “I’m a huge Adidas fan. They fit me well and I love the Boost technology. I’m all about it!”

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10 Great Wedding Beach Shoes

When we think of wedding heels, the picture that comes in mind is of a sparkling pair of silver heels, Shoes that will boost your confidence as you walk sown the isle. In the picture, you dazzle your sparkling heels garnished with diamonds and other accessories. Today, wedding heels are of many kinds, people have become creative and everyone now has her taste, people search through global markets to get the best heel for her big day.


Most definitely, your special day needs a special pair of heels. They could be open heels or closed. The open give you the advantage of showing off your manicured note nails while the closed just stand out on their own. However, people have become creative by designing the peep toe. Yes your toes just peep, the heel is entirely closed except for your toes, they are comfortable and if you are a lover of closed heels, then this could also be an option.

Silver wedding Shoes

I am in love with the silver wedding shoes. They sparkle; some call them the sparkling heels. In your pictures they will stand out, they are also noticeable. In addition, silver is the go girl’ color. It gives instant glamour and allure. Spice the look with a pair of silver studded pumps and a matching metallic clutch. During your dinner, you need to be comfortable as you will dance your big night away therefore choose a cute and comfy pair of jeweled silver flip flops. For your reception, pick charming silver thong sandals. For your vows, a pair of sleek sequined stilettos will do. To complete your dazzling look, add up some shimmering silver jewelry. These arejust some ideas, silver wedding shoes are of numerous designed you cannot run out of choice.

Some of the designs include:


Strappy sandals



Betsey Johnson


Bagley Mischka

Nine Vest

The wisdom and skill of tailoring wedding heels has evolved over the years not leaving out the quality ofmaterials used. There are wedding heels that are closed and modern, some are laced, some are leather wedding heels,and the list is endless. For those who are in love with the ancient with the traditional fashion, you are also covered. These heels give a classicand romantic aura for your big day.

Most people assume that Wedding Shoes’ are only suitable for brides and brides maids. Well, you are wrong to think that. You can treat yourself with a pair, putting your best feet forward in dinners, parties and casual outdoor celebrations.

So where do you get them? I give thanks every day for Google. Shopping for wedding heels has also become easy; you do not have to make a trip to Canada to purchase the sparkling heels of your choice.Simply go online and you will have more choices that you anticipated. There are numerous stores online and what’s more, they offer free shipping. You only have to identify the shoe that fascinates you; moreover, sellers indicate prices of very shoe.

Interesting Blog Articles for Wedding Shoes

The traditional wedding had a lot of specific practices that are still held sacred today; the father-daughter

dance, the retrieval of the garter, and the throwing of the flowers. Of course, smaller details have also held up

in importance, which brides-to-be will always cherish; specifically, the wedding heels.

For brides, it’s a fun activity being able to choose the shoes that they will be wearing for almost the entirety

of their special day. After choosing the perfect dress, the wedding heels will tie the entire outfit together;

however it may be hard to decide on a pair with so many options out there.

What is nice about tradition is that it doesn’t always have to stick. The white heel has now become the blue

heels, the cowboy boots or the beachy flip flops. No longer are brides expected to be completely uniform in

the outfit; the shoes can reflect the woman. Need some help? Here are some quick tips for some modern day

wedding kicks.

Silver Wedding Shoes

Silver wedding shoes are a great option for brides who want to add more color, but still look classic. Metallic

colors like silver are perfect for tying in jewelry, and adding a little extra flash as a bride twirls around in her

fairytale attire.


Who said the bride couldn’t walk down the aisle comfortably? Wedges are the perfect solution for brides

who want that taller, more sleek look, but aren’t generally able to teeter-totter in stilettos. This style of shoe

can be found in various materials and colors, and brides are sure to find a style that compliments their dress;

but it’s the supporting wedge that will ensure them a confident walk towards the alter.

Nighttime Substitution

After a long day of photos, walking and looking fabulous all at the same time, brides may be wishing they

could kick off those stilettos and throw on some slippers. Of course, they still have to rock a dance floor all

night, so it’s a great idea to dress up some silver flip flops or cute flats. Go to the local craft store and jazz

up some more comfortable shoes with glitter and gems; whatever suits your fancy. Trust us, your jazzed

flats will get just as many compliments as your heels did, and you will bejust as happy to show them off.

Wedding Flip Flops Can Be Bought For Cheap

Before you go out and buy wedding flip flops, you'll want to find out what they are worth. A lot of the time people don't like shoes like dressy ones. That's because they get uncomfortable and are hard to walk in, unlike flip flops.
There are a lot of great flip flip options, and you can find things like thank yous on them and can give them to bridesmaids. You can figure out how to get them all personalized if need be, so that each person has a special pair. It's a lot of fun getting custom sandals made, you can either turn it into something serious or something fun depending on who they are going to. You'll have a lot better of a time with flip flops if you go with something that matches your personality and style, so you can be a tad more confident when walking down the aisle.

Don't work with sellers of anything that are brand new and selling through a third party service. You need to know that they can be trusted to help you if the order is wrong. Some people even just take the money and run, which can sometimes be refunded and result in the seller being banned. Whatever you do, just stick to good vendors and if you do have a problem the seller won't help you with it's best to get into touch with someone higher up than them to get them to make it right.
 Wedding flip flops are important to get information on before you purchase them. You don't want something to show up in the wrong color or that's very cheap to where it falls apart on you. Go with a middle of the road solution and you should be fine.

Adding glamour to your wedding with wedding flip flops

Flip flops are quickly becoming must have accessories in every wedding. The wide variety of designs and
colors make flip flops suitable for nearly everyone in the wedding. From bridal flip flops, bride maids flip flops
and even flower girl flip flops, there is virtually no one who can’t wear flip flops.



Wedding flip flop designs.

Wedding flip flops come in a variety of designs which include:

Flat sandal flip flops.

These are the most popular flip flops. They take the shape of flat sandals but can be decorated with
flowers, beads or crystals. Flat sandal flip flops are mostly preferred for the little flower girls but can also be
given as gifts.

Wedge flip flops.

These are preferred by a bride who wants to go out of the norm but still wants something comfortable.
Wedge flip flop incorporate both sense of style and comfort. Wedge flip flops can be worn by both the bride
and brides’ maids.

Heel flip flops.

Heel flip flops have the design of sandals but still have a small heel. Heel flip flops are very common with
the bride. The heel in these flip flops is not as high as the traditional heels we know so it does not
compromise on the comfort of the shoe.

What makes wedding flip flops so unique?


Flip flops are the most comfortable shoes any one can wear in a wedding. For instance, after the church
wedding the bride can wear bridal flip flops to the reception. The bride maids can also wear flip flops to the
reception for easy movement keeping in mind the wedding reception requires a relaxed feeling.

Ideal for a beach wedding.

Flip flops are the perfect shoes for a beach wedding. The sandy beaches may not go well with heels or any
other type of shoes. In a beach setting, flip flops are easy to walk with and easily blend with the beach
environment. A beach wedding is a fun activity so it is only reasonable to incorporate wedding flip flops to
add to the fun.

Gift ideas.

You should not stress yourself with gift ideas for your bridal party when you have flip flops. Flip flops serve
as great gifts to your brides’ maids or guest. To make them unique, you can customize them with the words
aDthank you’ to show appreciation to your guest or friends.

Easily match with the wedding theme.

Finding foot ware that matches with the theme of your wedding can be difficult at times but not with flip
flops. Flip flops are very flexible to customize and incorporate in your wedding theme. If beads or crystals are
the theme of your wedding, you can have bead work and crystals added to your flip flops.

Easily customized.

Flip flops can be easily customized. For instance, brides’ maids’ flip flops can have the bride’s maid name
engraved or printed on the flip flops. You can also have special flip flops for the maid of honor. After the
wedding, there are special flip flops for thejust married couple and even honey moon flip flops.

Style Savers


Got Helmet Hair?

Style Savers is a unique and innovative way to protect your hairstyle from becoming the dreaded “helmet hair” while wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

The satin fabric idea was taken from the old days when our mom’s and our mom’s mom used a satin pillow case to keep their once a week do’s looking big and beautiful! It really worked and Style Savers Scarves are here to prove it once again.

Make sure to check out our other pages for more info and to pick out the colour and pattern that best suits you and your motorcycle!

-Great Gift Idea!

-helps keep helmet liner clean longer.

-Keeps helmet from slipping.

-Form fitting helmets slide right on.

-Keeps hair out of the way, while riding.

-Aids in reducing friction, which can lead to hair loss.

-Machine washable

-A customized, handmade very chic bandana style scarf.

-Made with soft comfortable fabrics that you can wear all day.